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Christian Education and faith formation are essential parts of our life together. As we learn, the Holy Spirit nurtures our faith, helps us grow in knowledge, and empowers us to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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St. Luke participates in Gods Work Our Hands Sunday each year.  As part of this special day we prepare lunches for the Helping Up Mission and also prepare lunches that church members can take in their cars to give to those individuals they might encounter on the corners of Baltimore.

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This year we held our 1st Annual Shirley Schoenberger Memorial Crab Feast.  Shirley was an integral part of our music and food ministries.  Special thanks to Scott of Parkville Crabs for all his help in making this event a huge success.  The 2nd Annual Shirley Schoenberger Memorial Crab Feast, was October 2020.  Due to the pandemic orders were curbside pick-up.




Worship centers our life of faith. We are nurtured through God's word, water, bread, and prayer; then, we are sent into the world to share God's good news.

Sunday Worship is a traditional Lutheran worship service. We follow the Evangelical Lutheran Worship order of service and the St. Luke Sunday choir shares an anthem. We offer weekly communion and fellowship after the service. Sunday worship begins at 10:30 a.m. We offer a Healing Service during months with a fifth Sunday. You may come forward for a special, personal prayer and oil anointing.

Alina serves lunch to clients at the Helping Up Mission.

Faith is a life-long journey we travel with other people. St. Luke has a diverse range of age-based or life-stage-based small groups where participants encourage, support, and challenge one another.

St. Luke Youth (SLY) is a group for middle and high school students. Students participate in a variety of activities, including Bible study; community service (Boxed Out - Lockout for Homelessness Awareness, serving meals at Helping Up Mission); trips to the National Youth Gathering; and hanging out together!


Summer Camps: We offer three summer camps for children and youth. Our camps are one part Christian Education, one part Community Outreach and one part Youth & Family Ministry. Music & Art Camp gives participants a basic introduction to music. They learn note-reading, playing simple rhythm instruments and singing. During the art component, students make connections between biblical stories and visual or word art. Music & Arts Camp is for students who have completed Kindergarten through 6th-grade. Vacation Bible School (VBS) introduces children to faith through games, dramatic story-telling, music and more. VBS is for participants age 4 through students who have completed 5th-grade. Service Camp gives participants an opportunity to earn service learning hours while volunteering in the community. Service Camp is for students who have completed 6th- through 8th-grades.

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