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The Memorial Brick walkway was created during the 2008 courtyard renovation. The bricks honor people and events connected to St. Luke. There are 193 bricks at this time; they are listed in alphabetical order below. Please send an e-mail if you would like more information about the bricks.

Message Bricks

God Bless America

Jesus Saves



Albert, Walter and Mildred

Altman, Victoria L.

Amrein, Elwood and Mildred

Andrews, James and Susie

Appell, Vernon and Evelyn

Arrington, Rev. Lisa

Arrington, Rev. Lisa Ann




Baer, Ethel

Bauman, Anna and Frank

Belt, Bernard M.

Benham, Richard

Biensach, Christian and Rosalee

Biensach, Donald Bud

Biensach, Georgeann

Billman, Dan and Carrie

Boellner, Lucy and George: Dedicated to Golden Anniversary

Bohnet, Aleyn J.

Bohnet, Ruth L.

Bosse, Rev. Norman and Mrs.

Bosse, Rev. Norman F.


Bowers, David

Bowers, Katherine M.

Brandner, Louis and Grace

Brittingham, Francis

Brittingham, Francis and Dolores

Brittingham, Nannette

Brittingham, Pamela

Brittingham, Russell

Brooks, Anna Doris

Brown, Howard and Linda

Bullen, Hiram and Emma

Bullen, Hiram and Loretta

Bullen, Loretta

Bullen, Loretta M.

Burkman, Haley



Cameron, Rev. Larry and Sally

Campbell, Mary and Gordon

Caprio, David

Caprio, John and Jean

Caprio, Tim

Chlan, Doris and Waynne: Dedicated to Parents

Chlan, Doris and Waynne: Dedicated to 50th Anniversary

Church, Bertha E.

Church, Bertie

Constantino, Jesse

Constantino, Pete and Roxanne

Constantino, Randy

Constantino, Richard and Elizabeth

Cooke, Jennifer Megan



Dickinson, Bernice A.

Dickinson, Rev. Walter

Dierksheide, Rev. William

Dill, Keith L.

Dill, Lois Anne

Dill, Rev. Mark C.

Dilley, Llyod L. Jr.

Dobson, Bill

Dobson, Evelyn

Dobson, John

Doenges, Albert Jr. and Virginia

Dorsey, Geary

Dorsey, Geary Lee

Dorsey, Neil

Dorsey, Robin

Dorsey, Ruth and G. Wm.

Dumler, Leonard and Ruth



Easley, Camille S. and Ottis

Egner, Aaron

Egner: Dedicated to Loved Ones

Egner, Dennis and Kathy

Egner, Zach



Finley, Seamus

Fitzgibbons, Margaret

Fowler, Harry W.


Garafola, Kathleen, Megan, and Kelly

Gonder, Steven L.

Goodrich, Bob and Karen

Goodrich, Kevin

Goodrich, Ryan



Hall, Rev. and Mrs. E. William

Hartman, Luther K.

Hartman, Rev. Ron

Hartzell, Rev. Ray

Haupt, Anne

Haupt, Eric and Laura

Haymire, Virginia

Heddinger, Bruce Sr.

Heddinger, Geneveive

Heddinger, Thomas

Hein, Pastor and Mrs. R.

Helm, Charles F. Jr.

Hess, Hilda and Bob

Hildebrand, Henry K. and Eleanor L.

Hobine, Fred and Ruth: Dedicated to Loved Ones

Hofmann, Edna

Hofmann, Bobby

Hofmann, George and Norma

Hofmann, Julie

Hofmann, Laura and Bob

Hofmann, Mark and Karen

Hofmann, Mark Jr.

Huber, Al and Charlotte

Huber, Carol and Cleave: Dedicated to Wedding Anniversary

Hugel, Henry

Hugel, Jenni



Jansen, Minnie

Jordan, James W.



Kafer, Harry R.

Keller, Joshua

Kelley, Rev. Bruce M.

Kellner, Elmina

Kellner, Ernest

King, Emily V.

Kissner, William and Ursula

Krause, Bill and Marg

Krause, Bill and Marg: Dedicated by Carol and Cleave Huber

Kurrle, Minnie



Lautenschlager, Rev. Paul

Leader, John

Leimbach, Anna

Lemmon, Walt and Marie

Lesher, Lula and Bruce

Leyh, Marie E.

Lightner, Katy: Dedicated by Jim Lightner

Lightner, Katy: Dedicated by Charlotte and Russ Reider

Linaburg, Terry


Lopez, Bryan and Ethel

Lopez, Dan: Dedicated to Family

Lopez, Don and Pat: Dedicated to Family

Lopez, W.B. and Ethel



Mann, Frank

Mathews, Adam

Mathews, Donald and Terri

Mathews, Ed and Alta

Mathews, Jessica

Mattern, John and Elizabeth

McGeehan, Gladys and Charles

Mentzer, Ruth Anne

Meyer, Hilda E.

Mickey, Robert and Leona

Mickey, Robert Miles

Miller, Alberta

Miller, Alberta Wade

Miller, Ethel May

Miller, Henry John Jr.

Miller, Henry John Sr.

Miller, Josephine and Anthony

Miller, William E.

Miner, Amy L.

Moore, Benjamin and Natalie

Moore, Sherry and Alan



Nilsen, Arthur Sr.



O’Brien, Charles and Myrtle

O’Brien, Vivian




Paparounis, Pauline

Peaches: Dedicated by Elfreide Ashton

Penner, Merle

Perry: Dedicated to Loved Ones

Perry, Ralph Henry

Perry, Ralph and Gladys

Peterson, Hazel K.

Peterson, Sheila E.

Plock, Selma

Popp, Rev. Harold

Powers, Dorothy

Pulmilia, Jessica and AJ



Raab, Lauren

Raitt, Herman and Anna

Ramsey, Patricia

Rismiller, Rev. Arthur

Rivkin, Bob and Jeanne: Dedicated to Friends and Family

Rivkin, Bob and Jeanne: Dedicated to Mother

Ross, Evelyn and Jim

Roth, Dorothy

Rush, Jennifer and Ellis

Rust, Rev. Harold C.



Salamone, Carol (Sherman)

Salamone, L.B.

Salamone, Raegan

Scheidt, Rev. Carl J.

Schittino, Joe and Joan

Schlick, Calert E. Jr.

Schmitt, John H. Jr.

Schnabel, William and Edith

Schnader, Donald D.

Schwartz, Ronald and Barbara

Shearman, Jeffrey L.

Sherman, Christian Jr.

Sherman, Christian Jr. (baptism)

Sherman, Christian Sr.

Sherman, Dennis W.

Simms, Elizabeth

Smith, Ethel M. and John W.

Sorenson, Doris and Reds

Staedtler, George and Barbara



Tall, Mildred A.

Toedtmann, Rev. William

Toscheff, Kiril and Margaret



Underwood, Marjorie



Valentine, Newell

Vasek, George and Lee



Wagner, Philip and Thelma

Walters: Dedicated to Loved Ones

Weese, Thomas

Weese, Thomas and Ruth

Weichseldorfer, Carol and Bill: Dedicated to God

Weichseldorfer, Carol and Bill: Dedicated to St. Luke

Weichseldorfer, Carol and Bill: Dedicated to the Weichseldorfers

Wendt, Leon J.

Wenzel, Emily Louise

Wenzel, George and Essie

Wenzel, Jane Lucille

Woodward, Tony

White, Rev. (Doc) and Jennie Lee

White, Robert L.



Youells, William J.



Zimmerman, Florence and Bill

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